Newsletter Bang for the Buck

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Newsletter Bang for the Buck

As a realtor it’s important to keep your name on the minds of your prospects. A newsletter is an effective way to communicate on a regular basis. Consider the following.

Nationally acclaimed online marketing expert Joan Holman states:
“According to a 2006 survey by the National Association of Realtors, over 80 percent of home buyers now use the Internet to search for a home. Realtors will tell you that people don’t even ask to see a property until they’ve seen it online first. They want to see a lot of photographs, and also a virtual tour… Most buyers are doing all their preliminary looking online.”

At J&J Copywriters we know it follows that if the typical homebuyer is going online to shop for images of a home, a realtor’s newsletter has a better chance of being read by prospects if it is in e-newsletter form rather than hard copy.

In 2010 lots of people open their mail over the recycling bin, searching only for bills, checks, and information the prospect deems important enough to spend time on.

A well-written e-newsletter with useful homeowner tips and eye- catching headings has a better chance of intriguing the prospect. An e-newsletter also affords the realtor a chance to link to his or her website and/or a home currently being promoted.

As a realtor have you had better response from e-newsletters than a hard copy newsletter or have you found the opposite to be true?

Do you see value in a newsletter or do you consider it a waste of precious time?

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